Current About

soup-profileMy name is David Wilson-Burns.  I live in Norman, Oklahoma where this story is set.  I am a software engineer and a musician.  I write for the fun of it.

The Smell Collector is a completed 26k words web fiction comic/drama serial.  It can be read in a few hours.  In fact, one reviewer writes “It’s a short work, one that I binge read over the course of an hour and a half long train ride…The Smell Collector is an easy, light, and quirky read, that can freshen up a long commute or make evenings smell a little sweeter.”

It’s the story of a man whose only meaningful contact with the world is through smells, who is slowly working his way out of his mother’s basement out into the wide world of people and relationships.

It is not autobiographical other than the origin.  I did meet a little girl at a post office in Austin when I was 5.  I did get a rush of feelings when I entered the post office in my new town of Norman because of the identical smells of the building.   I’m very conscientious of smells and the memories, people, events, and places they are associated with in my head.

These characters are very special to me and I know that if you give them a chance, you will feel the same way.

Archived About

The Smell Collector began as a single flash fiction piece that spawned a mass readership of 40  views, depending on how you interpret the stats.  Of course, there’s always the possibility that my mom clicked on it a lot to boost my self-esteem (see Dr. Spock’s book on Baby and Childcare for how to build a praisewhore).

After a series of carefully thought out self-indulgent fantasies, I came to the conclusion that The Smell Collector would make an excellent movie starring Paul Giamatti.

Step one:  self publish an online blog series stemming from the first flash fiction piece.

Step two:  Paul Giamatti

p.s. – I haven’t talked to her yet, but Jayma Mays will totally be on board if Paul Giamatti is!



    1. Don’t have time for it. It’s a much more ambitious project than smell collector. I have it pretty well worked out, and will do it eventually…perhaps when I get the writing bug again. Are you up and going, yet?

      1. Understandable, though Smell Collector is still my personal favourite.

        I’ve had an author blog running for a year now, actually, if that’s what your referring to. I wouldn’t mind actually hitting you up for an interview and posing that to my blog, if you’re interested.

      2. I may never come up with a smell collector again. I do have a ten episode start on something interesting that I couldn’t figure out how to proceed. Baycityrunaway.wordpress.com. The problem with it other than the story is that I have to be depressed to write it…and I’m as clappy as a ham.

        I would be pleased to do an interview. Sounds like fun!

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