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38282953_10156623997728799_3107089868614795264_nMy name is David Wilson-Burns.  I live in Norman, Oklahoma where this story is set.  I am a software engineer and a musician.  I write for the fun of it.

The Smell Collector is a completed 26k words web fiction comic/drama serial.  It can be read in a few hours.  In fact, one reviewer writes “It’s a short work, one that I binge read over the course of an hour and a half long train ride…The Smell Collector is an easy, light, and quirky read, that can freshen up a long commute or make evenings smell a little sweeter.”
The Smell Collector tells the story of Jim Bronson and Marie Bellman. Jim has a hobby. He collects smells. Marie happens to have the most beautiful smell. What happens when Jim tries to collect Marie? A humorous, quirky, possibly disturbing but definitely heartwarming tale of two lonely-hearts who are brought together by the fragrance of their lives.

10 thoughts on “About

    1. Don’t have time for it. It’s a much more ambitious project than smell collector. I have it pretty well worked out, and will do it eventually…perhaps when I get the writing bug again. Are you up and going, yet?

      1. Understandable, though Smell Collector is still my personal favourite.

        I’ve had an author blog running for a year now, actually, if that’s what your referring to. I wouldn’t mind actually hitting you up for an interview and posing that to my blog, if you’re interested.

      2. I may never come up with a smell collector again. I do have a ten episode start on something interesting that I couldn’t figure out how to proceed. Baycityrunaway.wordpress.com. The problem with it other than the story is that I have to be depressed to write it…and I’m as clappy as a ham.

        I would be pleased to do an interview. Sounds like fun!

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