Epilogue: Toonces’ Cat Log 544.1221.1

Cat Log 544.1221.1

Human Jim is now a regular visitor to my house.  My servant, Marie, consults him in important matters now instead of me.  Honestly, I’m relieved to no longer be burdened with her human trivialities.  Her service to me is still exemplary.

My part in this mundane human drama seems to be complete for now.  Spring is quickly approaching and I feel that something should be happening between me and other feline beings, but I seem to lack the necessary equipment to comprehend it.  I can smell it wafting through windows and screen doors, calling to some ancient part of me that is no longer attached.  Alas, I am at a lost.

And now I must turn my attention to something of a sinister nature.  A revenge is due to the man who vandalized my new servant Jim’s equipment.  I will find him and his exquisite fragrance and make him rue the day he plotted against Marie and Jim.  I will not rest until his eyeballs are scratched out of his…hang on.  Yum Yum Snacks?  Does my nose deceive me?  Nope, YUM YUM YUM YUM.  This isn’t over, musk man,  I will find you and…definitely Yum Yums…AHHHH!  Be warned, villain!



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