#48 – Journal Entry 02.04.11

My cleanup project (project 677.3) is complete.  The basement has been restored to the state in which I found it so many years ago when Mother brought me to this place.  The only thing I have left to do (677.4) is find storage for my smell profiles.  I have no use for them anymore, but I feel they should be preserved for posterity’s sake.

Marie has finally stopped calling.  She was persistent at first, but Mother assured me that the calls would cease if I just ignored them.  I know that Marie is furious with me for failing her, and I’m afraid that she would curse at me if I gave her the chance.  I don’t think I could bear to hear another curse word for as long as I live.

I’ve concluded my final study with #366 (Margery Coleman, 41.6 is death fragrance universal or unique)?  The results were inconclusive due to the interference of nasal mucus and the pervasive, salty taste of my unwanted tears.  I do not know if #366 was a mother, because she was never visited by any children, but she was like a mother, and I cannot always control my emotions when it comes to the passing of a mother.     (Note 34534: I found the embrace of profile #278 (Juliette Washington – lilies, cocoa butter, hand sanitizer) to be indescribably comforting…and very perplexing.

I’ve abandoned my smell collection in the general vicinity and I am now focusing all of my attention on caring for Mother.  She is calling me now.  I haven’t been to the store in days, and therefore am out of ginger snaps.  She’ll have to do with saltines and butter.


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