#39 – Marie’s Diary January 19th, 2011

Dear Diary,

Something miraculous has happened!  You’re not going to believe it.  No, I didn’t get Toonces to use the toilet!  Actually, two things have happened, and I don’t even know which one to share first.  AHHHHHH!  Ok.  I want you to keep an open mind.  I went to see Jim.  I know that what he did was creepy, but he was the only one who could help me.  I was so upset about losing the scent of Mother on her sweater.  He knew just what to do.  He fixed Mother’s sweater!  He used his smell machine to create her scent.  It was amazing!

And that leads me to the other miracle.  His machine!  Jeepers!  I think it could be the most important invention in the cosmetics industry since stay-on lipstick.  Perhaps even more important.  He’s going to let me demonstrate it to Henri.  Do you know what this means, dear Diary?  This means that I’ll be able to keep my job.  I might even get a promotion.  I’m saved!  Jim is my hero.  Although I think we’ll have to change the name of his invention.

Jim.  I think I get it now.  The smells.  He’s not a stalker…not really.  This is the way he experiences life.  Does that make sense to you?  He’s more than just a smell collector.  His smells are his life–well, his smells and his mother.  He’s such a devoted son.  I never saw it before, but he’s kind of cute, in a way.  When I smelled my mother once again, I was so overwhelmed with joy that I cried in his arms.  He was very tender with me.  And although I knew he was sniffing me, I believe it was more than that.

I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my tiny shoulders!

I will sleep tight and not let the bed bugs bite just like Mother used to say,



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