#35 – Journal Entry 1.17.11

A most curious occurrence has transpired regarding emotions (research project 3.0).  Before I was dismissed from my job at the library, I observed Connor and Marie together.  They made an agreement to drink coffee together.  My response was highly emotional.  I felt as though I disliked Connor very much, and at the same time, I very much wished that I was arranging to drink coffee with Marie.  I’ve consulted Understanding Emotions by Oatley and Jenkins and I believe I have isolated the emotion I experienced:  Jealousy (begin new branch of 3.0, 3.4 on jealousy).

This is a most unexpected turn of events.  I’m afraid my obsession with #374’s scent has led to romantic feelings for the subject.  This will undoubtedly undermine my studies.  I’ve already spent an inordinate measure of time researching her.  I’ve come to understand that Marie does not like being a subject of study.  (note decreased interest in profile #1, the post office).

Now to more practical matters.  I am once again jobless.  I am quite aware that the more times I have been fired from a job, the less likely I am to acquire a new one.  Not to mention the added difficulty I will have in acquiring a job at a facility that is pleasing to the nose.

I have been banned from the shoe and boot repair shop.  The owner, a Mr.  Young-soo Kim, objected to my close range sniff of his person (ginger, garlic, and leather).  His words were “You no sniff around here no more.  I break your nose!”  It’s difficult for me to understand humor, but I think that perhaps he was being jovial with me.  I’ll come back later this week to find out.

It’s time to watch Murder She Wrote, with Mother.  She always says that that Angela Lansberry is a real pistol.



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