#33 Marie’s Diary Sunday, January 16th

Dear Diary,

Let’s see if I’ve got this straight.  I don’t have a mother.  My only friends are a cat and you, dear Diary.  I’m being stalked by a smell collector.  I’ve been taken advantage of by a jerk.  I will probably lose my job.  And all I have of mom is her sweater.  I can barely smell her on it.  It’s my only comfort tonight.

If I had faced facts about her dying, I might have saved more of her things.  All that wasted time while she was still living;  I feel like such a nunu.  I just couldn’t bear to see her that way.

I need to go to the library tomorrow.  When I think of her, it’s usually at the librarian’s desk wearing her green cardigan and reading glasses.  And if Jim Bronson so much as looks at me, I will call the police.

I need you now, Mom. 😦

On the upside, dear Diary, Toonces showed a new side of himself tonight.  He’s not only a good listener, he’s a fearsome guard cat.

With devotion,



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