#26 – Journal Entry 01.08.11

I took a significant leap forward with Project #41 – “On death”.   Smell Profile #368, Sophia Bellman, died today, and I was present for her death.  I’m satisfied that I’ve now completed #368’s profile.   My next question, #41.3, is whether or not the smell associated with #368’s death is entirely unique or entirely universal.  I will be watching #366, Margery Coleman, very intently as I believe her death is imminent.

I must record an unexpected turn of events surrounding Sophia’s death.  Much to my surprise, profile #374 (Marie Bellman) entered room #16 just as Sophia was breathing her last breaths.  Marie Bellman and Sophia Bellman are related;  mother and daughter.  This explains the co-mingling of smells in their profiles.  I suspect that Marie’s green sweater was in fact Sophia’s article of clothing.  This explains her preoccupation with said sweater.  It is worth noting that the sweater will soon lose the remnant of profile #368.  My human curiosity is piqued.  I suspect that Marie will have a significant crisis when this occurs.  I feel a great sense of comfort to know that when Mother passes, I will have an endless supply of her fragrance to prevent such a crisis.

My research indicates that Sophia Bellman was once a librarian at the very library in which I spend my days.  This explains Marie’s frequent visits.  Perhaps I should expect to see her even more now that her mother has passed.

I visited smell profile #22 today: the Sooner Dairy drive in.  Mother always says that they serve the best burger in town.  I believe I was able to capture the moment in which I tried my first Sooner Dairy hamburger…heated grease, ice cream cone, dill, cola, asphalt, and fried onion.  I was sure to bring Mother a burger, onion rings, and a Coca Cola.

Mother has been very demanding this week.  She has asked me to fluff her pillows and rub liniment  on her feet on an average of 2.5 times a day.  She’s calling right now.  I rather like the smell of liniment, but I find rubbing her feet to be tiresome.


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