#20 Marie’s Diary – January 7, 2011

Dear Diary,

I terrible thing happened at work today.  I just knew this would happen!   I get all wound up just thinking about it.  My boss called me into her office today.   My proposal for a new product line made her very unhappy with me.  She had a very cross look on her face that made me feel just awful, Diary.  She never came out and said it but I just know that she’s going to fire me if I don’t come up with something soon.  Oh dear!

Oh!  Something else happened today.  Do you remember Jeff from marketing?  Remember how I’ve been wondering if he likes me?  But remember how he started dated Julie? Becky told me that they are getting very serious.  But something happened!  You’ll never guess, diary!  I’m very conflicted.  I just don’t know what to do!  Jeff asked me to get a drink with him.  I could feel my face flush…oh dear, I’m not good at hiding my feelings.  I asked him what Julie would think of that, but he said it would be ok and that no one would have to know about it.  I guess that’s ok.  Is it ok, Diary?  It’s just for a drink.  I told him I’d need to think about it.  Maybe they’re not really that serious.  But between you and me, I think he might really like me!  He’s so handsome and smart.  And the way he looks at me makes me feel very pretty.  But what would I drink if we had a drink?  And I wonder if he likes cats.  What will Toonces think? This is just all so overwhelming!

Speaking of Toonces, she’s just finished her dinner.  I think she’s ready for me to go to bed.

We’ll talk about this more soon.

p.s. – I think Julie is a total witch.  Forgive me, Diary.


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