#19 – Journal entry 01.05.11

I am pleased to add Nyco Hard Coat Easy Care Floor Finish to profile #365 (The Gardens nursing home).  This will help me to further isolate the individual smells of #366 (Margery Coleman), #367 (Frank Pensiere), and #368 (Sophia Bellman), my subjects at the facility.

Mrs. Bellman smiled again today when I sang “The Days of Wine and Roses”.  Although I do not believe she is fully cognizant of my presence, she does make a small signal when I sit down by her bed.  She lifts a few fingers on her right hand, which I believe to be my cue to sing.  Although I believe I sang adequately, I have not gathered any evidence what-so-ever to support my hypothesis that singing can make a chemical change in the body that would present itself as a smell.  Alas, research project 40.6 will end with this conclusion.

On the upside, I believe profile #368 is complete.  Most of her profile is common enough for a woman of her age (rose water, Aspercreme, talcum powder), but her UPS (Unique Personal Scent) was far more difficult to ascertain without drawing too much attention.  I believe, however, that it is complete.  This is timely, given that she is expected to die in as little as two weeks.  I’ve been planning for this moment since I began my visits to The Gardens.  My goal to be present while a person dies may soon be realized.   I intend to capture the subtleties of the moments of death before the body begins to stiffen.  It is morbid I know, but fascinating as well [note #19003 will I experience an emotional change at the passing of profile? #368].

I’ve made the smallest bit of progress on the ASS (Automated Smell Synthesizer) system.  I was able to achieve quicker results in scent production with just a few minor adjustments.  I’m eager to begin uploading my smell profiles into the ASS.

And once again, Mother is calling for her evening chamomile and gingersnaps.  Perhaps she would care for a dab of honey in her tea this time.   I would be a good boy to ask.


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