#18 – Next of Kin

“I give her two weeks.”

“Ok, then, I’ll make the call.  Next of kin?”

“Well, that’s gonna be a problem.  Her next of kin has not responded to any of our calls, not for the six months she’s been at The Gardens.  Maybe it’ll be different this time, but last time I spoke with her, she denied even having a mother here.  Said it must be some kind of mistake.”

“Ok, well, we need to call somebody. I hate to see someone die without someone around who cares.  I’ll try anyway.  Maybe a two week warning will be a wake up call.  In the mean time, is there anyone else, a friend, maybe?  Do you have her visitation log?”

“Got it right here.  She’s had one visitor who comes fairly regularly.  Kind of an odd fellow, keeps asking about cleaning products and care products and stuff–”

“Oh…that guy?”

“Yes.  Name is Jim Bronson.  It’s kind of sweet though, he comes every week and sings to her.   Want his number?”

“Yeah.  Give me both numbers, Mr. Bronson’s and…um…the daughter…what’s her name?”




  1. Whoa! Really? I did not see that coming. For some reason I thought Marie’s mother was dead? Maybe I just incorrectly assumed she was. Obviously I have to go back and reread.

    1. From Morning at Marie’s

      “Oh, Toonces, I don’t know what I would do without you. Without Mother, I’m afraid no one would even know I exist if it weren’t for you.” She gave the cat a grateful scratch on the top of her head and smiled, if only a little.

      With abrupt sharpness, Marie’s tone changed. She spoke sternly and defensively to the unsuspecting cat, “And just what are you suggesting, Toonces?” She picked her up and dropped down hard on the aged linoleum.

      “Mother is gone, and there’s nothing you or I can do to change that! She’s gone…” she said, her voice trailing, speaking as much to the empty room and the cold sky.



  2. Too short. Want more. And more. And the Creepy Factor has been dialed up a notch although Jim seems harmless enough but visiting Marie’s mother regularly…
    Adam B @revhappiness

  3. Just catching up after being out of the loop. Outstanding and intriguing as ever but … I … DEMAND … MORE!

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