#14 – Profile #368

gender:  female

age:  mid seventies

name: Sophia

location: The Gardens (nursing facility)

height: 5′ 3”

weight: app. 90 lbs.

hair color: white

eye color: blue (but rarely open)

Smell Components

  1. Rose Water
    03.14.10 – initial visit.  Sang “Moonglow”.
  2. Asper-creme
    03.14.10 – also initial visit.  Nurse rubs on her hands daily
  3. Ivory Soap
    06.13.10 – particularly strong component today, must have received a full bath instead of sponge.  Sang “How Great Thou Art”
  4. Jergens Original Scent Dry Skin Moisturizer Lotion Original
    11.21.10 – A Thanksgiving visit – particularly dry month, presence of this scent is variable.  Sang “The Days of Wine and Roses”
  5. UPS (Unique Personal Scent).  Musty, sweet, hint of old paper.
    11.21.10 – As #322 ‘s only regular visitor, I felt compelled to hold her hand and kiss her on the forehead.


Profile #322 is a favorite subject for me because she is rarely conscious and rarely speaks.  I am fascinated, however, by her subtle responses to certain songs, particularly “The Days of Wine and Roses”.   This is also Mother’s favorite song.  #322’s legs often twitch when I sing it and her lips form into words or eating or kisses (not sure which).  On my last visit, she held her arms and rocked as I sang it.  Fascinating.


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