#13 – Update to Profile #374

gender:  female

age:  mid thirties

name: Marie Bellman

location: library

height: 5′ 5”

weight: app. 115 lbs.

hair color: auburn

eye color: hazel

Smell Components

  1. Tresemme Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner
    5.11.2010 –  Library, walked passed #374 and detected almond extract.  Second pass revealed hazelnut extract as well.  SCDB (Smell Component Database) showed Tresemmed Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner as possible match given the combination of this two nut fragrances.
    5.12.2010 – Library. Performed SCT (Smell Comparison Test) on #374.  Positive match.
  2. Burberry London Perfume for Women
    5.12.2010 – Library.  While performing SCT, detected perfume.  Positive identification on whiff test.  No SCT required.
  3. Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion (Fragrance Free)
    7.28.2010 – Library.  Identified smell from book cover after book returned by #374.  The Collected Poems of Octavio Paz [Bilingual Edition]
  4. Cedar
    10.15.2010 – Library.  Cool day, #374 wore wool sweater.  Smelled of cedar.
  5. Feline dander
    10.15.2010 – Library.
  6. Rose
    11.11.2010 – Library.  DST (Direct Sniff Test) performed on green wool sweater.  Faint, but distinct.
  7. Asper-creme
    11.11.2010 – Library.  DST (Direct Sniff Test) performed on green wool sweater.  Also very faint, but distinct.

Notes 11.11.2010

The recent DST on the green wool sweater revealed surprising results.  Rose and Asper-creme are uncommon smell components for a woman in her thirties.  These components are more consistent with an elderly woman.  Citing Profile #322 as an example.  I fear that I’m developing an unhealthy relationship with profile #374.   My fondness for it is consistent with indicators for addiction.  I’ve taken to dabbing a a few milliliters of my #374 synthesis on my spare pillow at night.

Possible missing components:

  1. Soap or Body Wash
  2. Household cleaners
  3. UPS (Unique Personal Scent) – Pending successful completion of UPS synthesizer system.


  1. I knows bullshit when I smells it……………you aint a writer – you be one of them stalker lads!
    Liked this a lot. I see many possibilities with this piece, most of them unfortunately illegal within the U.S.
    Seriously, the idea of some strange somebody taking random sniffs and recording them for posterity is extremely interesting…..I feel a story coming on!

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