#12 – Marie’s Diary – Tuesday, January 4th

Dear Diary,

Afraid I’m not very cheery today.  I’m so sorry.  It was a very difficult day.  Can I tell you about it?

1.)  Ever since my last pitch at Henri (which was a miserable failure), I’ve been hiding in my office.  I know that my presentation was lousy, but it was two months worth of work.  I feel like it was all for nothing.  I don’t know what to do now.  I need inspiration.

2.) Sooooo, Jeff is dating Julie from accounting now.  I didn’t want to date him, but still…why didn’t he at least ask me?  Jeff and Julie…J and J.  I suppose it was meant to be.

3.)  I put mother’s sweater on today to go to the library, but I could barely smell her anymore.  I sniffed and sniffed.  She’s leaving me, Diary…a motherless child. 😦

Sorry for the enumeration, Diary.  It’s not very cozy, I know, but I needed to organize my thoughts better for you.  There was one bright spot, however…I heard mother’s favorite song in the elevator today: The Days of Wine and Roses.  For a moment I just closed my eyes (I KNOW RIGHT?  With people watching!), and imagined that she was rocking me like she used to.   I miss her, diary.

Feeling down,




  1. The loss of the smell of her mother on the sweater is especially touching. I felt that one.

    Even though her day was decidedly uncheery indeed, her voice is so ridiculous I had to laugh (a lot).

  2. I have my grandmother’s pearls, which aways stayed in a little cloth bag in her dressing table. I swear I can smell her perfume on them, even now. It makes me afraid to take them out very often. The first time I take them out and don’t smell it will be like losing her again.
    Very sweet and sad.

  3. Dave, I really love some of the subtle honesty here as well as the interplay with the diary and Marie. The mother references are right on good. So tender and warm and loving. That is the word I am using for this, loving. So cool.

  4. Sorry it took me so long to read this installment. (stupid deadlines)

    I LOVE Marie’s voice. It’s quirky and a touch emo at the same time. For some reason I’m now picturing Jim and Marie as Marlin and Dory. Not sure why, but somehow at this second in my mind it fits. (I think it might have been the hubs quoting Finding Nemo earlier, but I’m not sure :P)

    Really like the interjection of her PoV and the little explanation of what Jim smelled 🙂

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