#11 – Christmas Card from the Gardens

(Christmas card.  Snowy scene of three mice caroling under an old-fashioned street lamp.  Two are dressed in full Dickensian holiday clothes singing joyfully to each other.  One is just wearing a holiday scarf.  He is raising his head straight up–as if enraptured in song– so that all you can see of his face is the underside of his pink nose and an open mouth with two buck teeth.  The caption reads, “May your heart be filled with the song of Christmas.”)

Mr. Bronson,

On behalf of everyone here at The Gardens, I want to thank you for your commitment to some of our residents.   It’s really touching to see a man who cares enough to serenade folks who can’t ever offer their thanks and praise for your lovely singing.  I like to think that it makes a difference.  Many of our residents have commented that they love hearing you from down the hall.  I don’t suppose you would consider visiting some of our more alert  residents sometime?

Thank you for all that you do, Mr. Bronson.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Martha Bloomfield, Administrator

p.s. – Our janitor, Mr. Jones, wanted me to tell you this.  He said you’d know what it means.

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