#10 – Journey Entry 11.12.10

Status of Smell Profile #374 Sweater Exam:  SUCCESS

I’ve successfully detected two more smell components from the green sweater; both subtler than the cedar, neither of which could have been detected and distinguished without a full contact exam, which I was able to perform with great stealth and discretion. And although Marie saw me with her sweater and addressed me with mild hostility,  I believe I was completely successful in deflecting her suspicions.

After a long pause, so as not to appear startled or panicked, I simply explained that while I was picking up the books that I had accidentally dropped, I felt compelled to perform a complete sniff exam on her sweater for scientific purposes.  This way, she’ll never suspect that I’ve, in fact, been examining her for weeks for scientific purposes, which could be off-putting; rather, she’ll be under the impression that it was merely a random sampling of her personal smell for perhaps some other scientific purpose besides the actual scientific purpose that I am undertaking…which is neither random or isolated to one exam.  Seeing as she had nothing to say after my deft execution of an impromptu ruse, I can only conclude that she was entirely taken in by my explanation.

On another subject entirely, when I sang to Mother last night after her gingersnaps and camomile, for a moment, it was just like it used to be.  She always loved my singing.    I was singing “The Days of Wine and Roses”, I closed my eyes, her aroma filled the room, and it was like she came back to me.  Wine and roses.   What a miraculous smell combination!  No wonder she has always liked that song.  I have often sung it to my friends at The Gardens as well.  These older songs appear to reach through to people when nothing else can.  Fascinating. [note #19002: Plan study to examine the effect of song on human chemical states that may affect UPS (unique personal scent) ]

I’m very eager to update Marie’s profile.  I will add smell components 5 and 6:  Rose and Asper-creme.  Both are faint but very distinct.  Imagine my surprise.  These are smells that I would associate with a much older woman.



  1. I like this. It is an interesting premise and the narrator’s tone is really in line to what he does. I enjoyed to note to self and chuckled at that. I think using scent as a vehicle is such a great way to force description into writing.

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