#9 – Live with Jim Bronson at the Library: Sweater Exam

(narrated play-by-play as in a golf match or as by an on-the-scene reporter)

Yes folks, the moment Jim Bronson is hoping for has finally arrived.  It appears…yes…he is putting his plan into action.  He loads the shelving cart.  He’s pushing it toward the non-fiction section.   He’s just passed the reading area table where Marie Bellman has only just minutes, perhaps seconds, ago been sitting.  Folks, we are not sure exactly sure where she is or how much time he will have, but we know one thing for certain:  wherever she is, she is without her green, woolen cardigan sweater.

Remember, folks, Jim believes very strongly that there is something very special about this sweater because as he has observed, she always wears it to the library.  As far as he knows, she has never removed it from her body until this very moment.  Having already confirmed the association of the cedar smell, a very significant “smell component” in profile #374,  with the sweater, he hopes to identify more “smell components” to document upon giving it a more intimate examination.

We can hear the cart squeaking and rattling as he pushes it just passed the empty table.  He will need to be quick and thorough, leaving no sign of a disturbance.   And look at this folks.  It appears that he is attempting to create a guise of innocence.  He’s giving the reading area a quick visual scan.  He takes a book from the cart, drops it on the floor, and kneels as if to retrieve it.  He is very close to the sweater now.  It appears that he will proceed immediately with the examination.  Yes!  He begins the examination with three short sniffs, pausing for analysis, and then proceeds with a series of long, deep inhalations deep into the fabric of various parts of the garment, starting at the sleeve and continuing up toward the armpit.  Very thorough technique.  Mr. Bronson is not wasting any time, folks.

But wait!  Could it be?  Yes, it’s confirmed.  Marie Bellman is approaching the reading area.  This could spell disaster for Mr. Bronson.  He has not yet spotted her.  He’s only just reached the right-hand waist pocket!  She sees him.

Ladies and Gentleman, it appears that Marie Bellman is NOT happy with what she is seeing.   We are moving to a live audio feed of Ms. Bellman.

“Excuse me?  Mr. Creepy Sniffy Guy?  What are you doing with my sweater?!”

OHHHHHHHHHHH!!  He has NOT been successful in completing the examine!  He has NOT been successful.  In fact HE IS FROZEN!  He is not saying a word!

This is a disaster for Jim Bronson!  I do not know how he will recover from this!



  1. Well, I have to catch up with the series, but this one is great. If I were Marie, I’d be creeped out, too. I’m sure he’ll have a good explanation when he’s past the deer-in-the-headlights phase. 🙂

    Very enjoyable!

  2. A unique angle for this scenario. I would have liked to have seen Jim’s perspective for that ultra creepy psychological angle.

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