#7 – Journal Entry 11.10.10

I feel very uncomfortable with people who address me with profanity.  Connor (profile #356) had no need to use the “h” word with me again today.  I spoke with Mother about it and she assured me that it was a clear indication of Connor’s lack of upbringing.  She speculated that Connor’s mother had not used Dr. Spock’s excellent book on Baby and Child Care.  She swears by it.  That’s what she used with me.

#374 dropped off three books today:

  1. Letters from Motherless Daughters: Words of Courage, Grief, and Healing by Hope Edelman
  2. Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales by Beatrix Potter
  3. The Business of Beauty: Cosmetics Retailing by Debbie Purvis

Good news, her name is Marie Bellman;  the one who checked out The Wind and the Willows.   I think it’s a lovely name.  She never enters the library without her green, cardigan sweater.  I suspect that she has an attachment to it beyond it’s practical warmth.  She’s been coming every Wednesday at lunch and every Friday afternoon.  She is rather wistful. When she is not browsing for books or reading, she sits for minutes at a time simply staring into space.   It’s as if she is just taking in her environment or remembering some lost moment in time.  I wonder if she is a kind of smell collector as well.  I’ve noticed her sniffing her sweater once or twice.   If she would just take it off long enough for me to give it a thorough examination, I could possibly add more components to her profile.

Mother has been more demanding than usual today.  She called me to her room four times this evening to freshen her bed.  I’d better get her camomile and ginger snaps ready before she calls again.  Honestly, I just don’t know how she would get along without me.


(author:  link is messed up, click here.)

#8 – Marie’s Diary – Friday, November 12th



  1. Such a complex character. Would be interesting to see if you could flesh out a novel with this character. Lots of psychological depth.

  2. Pardon me for asking an impertinent question (alas I did not receive a socialization equipped with Dr Spock’s guidance) but I conjecture that you are not interacting with subject #374 out of a detachment born from your scientific method. May I suggest, if you were perhaps to enter into some kind of dialogue with her maybe your research would benefit from the insights gleaned and more intimate smells harvested?

    1. Smells are my life (smells and Mother of course). Smells, although as complex as their human hosts, are much more predictable and much safer. I’ve found that they’re all I really need. Thank you as always for your inquiries. Headed for the post office and then to the library.

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