#5 – Marie’s Diary

October 13th, 2010

Dear Diary,

I went to the library again today.  I just miss her so much, Diary.  And when I’m there, I feel like she’s near me.  I found an old sweater of hers in the cedar chest that she used to keep at the foot of her bed.  It smells like her.  She used to wear it at the library before she retired.  Green cardigan.  Wool.  I haven’t taken it off since I found it.

Also, diary, a strange thing happened while I was there.  A funny little man was shelving books.  He must have walked by me half a dozen times.  Maybe it was my imagination, but it seemed like he was trying to smell me.  Isn’t that strange?  Bless his heart, maybe he just had a runny nose.

Till next time,


p.s. – I feel lost.  Are you ever too old to become an orphan?  It makes me think of that old spiritual “Sometimes I feel like a motherless child“.


One comment

  1. Is this some cunning foreshadowing of a rival? Hang on, surely the world of smells has nasally delight for all to savour? So maybe not a rival, perhaps a kindred spirit, hm?

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