#4 – Smell Profile #374

gender:  female

age:  mid thirties

name: unknown

location: library

height: 5′ 5”

weight: app. 115 lbs.

hair color: auburn

eye color: hazel

Smell Components

  1. Tresemme Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner
    5.11.2010 –  Library, walked passed #374 and detected almond extract.  Second pass revealed hazelnut extract as well.  SCDB (Smell Component Database) showed Tresemmed Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner as possible match given the combination of this two nut fragrances.
    5.12.2010 – Library. Performed SCT (Smell Comparison Test) on #374.  Positive match.
  2. Burberry London Perfume for Women
    5.12.2010 – Library.  While performing SCT, detected perfume.  Positive identification on whiff test.  No SCT required.
  3. Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion (Fragrance Free)
    7.28.2010 – Library.  Identified smell from book cover after book returned by #374.  The Collected Poems of Octavio Paz [Bilingual Edition]
  4. Cedar
    10.15.2010 – Library.  Cool day, #374 wore wool sweater.  Smelled of cedar.
  5. Feline dander
    10.15.2010 – Library.


The overall effect of this profile is quite lovely.   My attempts to replicate it in the lab have been moderately successful, although it is still lacking in some components.   Direct exposure to #374 is often accompanied with feelings of euphoria and lingering melancholy.  I keep a bottle of #374 in my pocket.  It is quite lovely.

Possible missing components:

  1. Soap or Body Wash
  2. Household cleaners
  3. UPS (Unique Personal Scent) – Pending successful completion of UPS synthesizer system.


  1. With a journey-man’s interest in your specialty I find myself obliged to ask: considering how smell flirts so readily with memory and context are your profiles destined to forever have missing components? How do you factor in these variables or am I once again speaking with the prejudices inherent to my nasal retardation?

    1. Journey-man, indeed. Your humility flatters me. Forever is a long time, profile #455. Finally, someone who understand my pain. My inability to synthesize UPS (unique personal scent) is the flaw in my research that you have properly identified. I’m in the development stage of a solution to this problem. Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to discuss it with you at this point in the project. But rest assured, I WILL create FLAWLESS synthesis of human scent. I’ve already profile non-living scents flawlessly.

      As to your nasal retardation, as I’ve said, you have my pity. If you’ll excuse me, it is time for Mother’s chamomile and gingersnaps.

      Thank for you interest.

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